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Second Trimester Update

I can’t believe I am in my third trimester!!! It’s officially 27 weeks into my pregnancy, which means we have less than 13 weeks left until we meet our little peanut (how is this possible?!).


The second trimester seemed to pass really quickly which is what I’ve heard from every mom – “time moves so fast, it never slows down!!” And that is the truth. I’m trying to savour every single second of this pregnancy because before I know it, she’ll be here!

I’ve started to feel a bit more tired so naps and even earlier bedtimes are happening more frequently. I’ve also noticed how BIG babe is getting!! I feel her pushing on my insides and realizing that she’s bigger than a ruler and weighing 2 pounds. Pete always tells me “she’s bigger than you think!” And he’s totally right. I keep imagining this little plum – but now she’s as big as a papaya!! And then I remember – most babies are born between 7-10 pounds… she’s still got a LOT more growing to do in there before her big debut in February!

Feeling her kick more and more is SO exciting – I stop and enjoy it as often as I can, and try and communicate with her. I talk to her, pat my belly, anything to get her to react! She absolutely LOVES Pete’s voice too, she always kicks when she hears him talk which is the sweetest thing!!

It’s crazy to think that in 13 short weeks, we’ll go from a family of two (plus Marshmallow) to a family of three – something we’ve been dreaming of for years. Most days I can’t believe how lucky we are to be welcoming this little sweetheart into our lives.

Can’t wait to share more with you as we get closer to baby girl’s arrival.
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Pregnancy Must-Haves

I am just over 25 weeks pregnant, and wanted to share my favourite things so far since being pregnant. It’s a mixture of clothes, supplies and other things!

22 weeks, Thanksgiving 2018!

I never thought maternity clothes would be a) so necessary and b) so comfy – they make a WORLD of a difference in how I’m feeling each day. One of the first things I bought were jeans I noticed early on that even if I wore a belly band (like these), I was still so uncomfortable because of the fly being done up – it’s SO constricting on your growing belly! I would highly recommend investing in a pair or two.

Something I really never thought I would buy (I kind of thought it was one of those “oh you need this” but you really don’t) – maternity underwear. I realized around 17/18 weeks that my regular underwear just weren’t cutting it anymore. Maternity underwear come in a bunch of styles, but I bought the ones that come up over your bump. They are so stretchy and SO comfy!!

Another thing I got as soon as I found out I was pregnant was a pregnancy pillow. The one I have is a C shape so you can cuddle the back side, or sleep facing the open side. It makes sleeping so much comfier especially since I’m getting quite big now!

Something to purchase if you don’t already have one – a reusable water bottle. Because you’ve got a lot going on in your body, your fluid intake needs to increase by like, a LOT. Having a reusable water bottle (I use Swell bottles, like this one) makes it so much easier to keep ice cold water where ever I go!

Some apps I loved using during my pregnancy were The Bump and What to Expect – and I loved these apps for a multitude of reasons. I liked The Bump because it gave daily updates up until about 20 weeks on how big babe is getting along with the weekly milestones. It also had articles to read from how to deal with pregnancy hormones, baby shower ideas, nursery tours and so much more. What to Expect has weekly videos that Pete and I always watch, and they walk through the weekly milestones along with images of what your babe could be looking like at that time – so sweet to be able to watch them grow!!

Being pregnant has been AMAZING, and all of these things really helped me along the way to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about what’s happening in my body and what’s to come in the future.

Do you have any maternity must-haves that I should know about for this and future babes? Let’s talk!!

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HALF WAY through my pregnancy

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant!! I am halfway through, and honestly I have mixed emotions. I LOVE being pregnant – I love my bump, how my body is changing and adapting to grow our babe, feeling babe move around, and knowing this little bean started out as big as a chia seed is now as big as a banana.

But at the same time, I can’t WAIT to meet this cutie. We’ve dreamed about the day we’ll meet the baby and see what they grow up and become in this world!!

almost 20 weeks!

The first trimester was a lot harder on me than I expected it to be. It’s not like I thought it would be no biggie – just growing a human! But it was a LOT harder on my body than I ever thought. I didn’t feel like myself from weeks 6-13. I had no energy, I felt like crap, all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. And the weirdest part was I didn’t notice I was feeling so down until week 14 hit – then BAM – I woke up one morning and felt like myself again! I had energy and cleaned the entire house!!

The second trimester has continued to have a bunch of firsts (more positive firsts, yay!) – first time I noticed my bump, first baby wiggles, first baby kicks & punches (as I write this, babe is doing their gymnastics routine in me), and of course the day we found out what gender this little peanut is (it’s a secret until baby S is born)!!! I feel like myself again, my hunger has evened out, and this bump is impossible to hide (not like I’m trying).

I can’t wait to see what the next 20 weeks brings us, and we are so excited to finish this chapter of our lives and start the next one – welcoming our wonderful little human into this wild, wild world.

Stay tuned for my next mamahood post!!

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We are… EXPECTING!!!

I cannot believe I’m putting this into words – Peter and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy!!! Baby is due early February 2019, and we are so excited we can’t even believe our luck.


I am officially in my second trimester (14 weeks), and so far, I love pregnancy. The first trimester really kicked my butt, something I wasn’t totally expecting – I was so tired, so hungry and had no motivation to do anything. I just wanted to snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix all day!! As tired as I was, I knew a lot was going on in there – I’m growing a human being!! I am so impressed with my body and how it’s changing and adapting to grow our babe.

I currently have a bump which I am obsessed with (it’s not very big but I love it), and babe is currently the size of a peach and getting bigger all the time. Peter and I love checking all my apps to see how our babe is growing each day – it’s hard to believe that 9 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, and the babe was the size of an appleseed!

When I took the test, we had been trying for 10 months – which felt like a really long time, but in reality it wasn’t that long (my parents tried for 7 years before they had my sister). I just had this funny feeling – I was super tired and hungry, like more than normal so I decided to take a test. And it came back POSITIVE! So I took 2 more over the next day, and both were positive – so we booked an appointment with our doctor, and it all went from there!

Peter and I are so excited, and I can’t wait to share more about my pregnancy, our plans for the future and how our lives are changing. Stay tuned, and keep an eye on my Instagram where I’ll be sharing a LOT of updates!!

Love – Rachel, Peter and babe xxx

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Favourites for Spring

Spring is my second favourite season (fall is my absolute favourite!) and I love freshening up our lifestyle and house with new things. Over the past few months, we’ve purchased some things that I wanted to share that we are really loving!

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New York City!!

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the BIG APPLE for work, and wanted to share some of the shenanigans we got up to!! We got to go a few days early so we could experience the city, so myself and two coworkers decided we needed to make the most of our 2 days there and pack as much into the trip as possible – we saw Wicked on Broadway, visited Times Square & Central Park, and so so much more.  Continue reading “New York City!!”


Tips from a Morning Person

Anyone who knows me knows I am a morning person – always have been! I love waking up early and enjoying a cup of coffee while the rest of the world is still quiet. On weekdays, my mornings are a bit busier, but I still love getting up and starting the day early. These are a few tips I wanted to share on how I make mornings easier!

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Spring Time!

Even though it is still pretty cold where we live (hello, Canada!), I was tired of the winter decor we had all over the house, so over the past few weeks I’ve been updating our house with some new decor.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons – it’s another fresh start. Snow melts, flowers and plants grow, weather starts to warm up – it’s just a great time to change up your home to be a bit more fresh and bright now that winter’s over! I switch out the pillows, burn some new candles, and slowly but surely ensure the house is filled to the brim with plants!!

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Basement Renovation 2/3

Welcome to part 2 of 3 of our basement renovation! Like I mentioned in the first post, we did not plan this renovation. Mother Nature and the flood that hit our city forced our hand on this. And as much of a nightmare the flood was, it has been the best thing that could’ve happened! Let me explain…

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Basement Renovation 1/3

Hello and welcome to part 1 of 3 of my basement renovation blog post! Let me start off by saying – we did not plan this basement renovation. Almost EXACTLY to the day, 1 year after we bought our house, our basement flooded. We had a foot and a half of water in our completely finished basement – it was heartbreaking. All of our furniture, our electronics, our washer and dryer… Everything. I’ve included some pictures below, and looking at these as I was writing this post broke my heart all over again.

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